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Mobile trolley workbenches for every line of work

A sturdy, stable workbench can easily be turned into a movable object thanks to UK Workbenches. We create our mobile workbenches with a handle that lets you switch from a static unit to a fully mobile trolley with ease. From auto mechanics to engineers on the move, mobile workbenches can provide an extra level of control and simplicity in a number of busy workplace environments. As with all of the UK Workbenches range, our trolleys are produced in the United Kingdom and are available with free delivery to most parts of the country.

We’ve supplied trolleys to the following industries over the years:

  • Auto industry
  • DIY industry
  • Electronics trade
  • Engineering marketplace
  • And more

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Outstanding value on trolley workbenches

Trolley workbenches are ideal for transporting tools, working in smaller garages, or if you often need to transport your materials around a larger space. At UK Workbenches, we design all of our trolleys and mobile workbenches to provide ease of use and maximum control. Different models come with different combinations of cupboards, drawers, and doors, so you’re sure to find something that’s right for your line of work. Alternatively, we’re able to make a bespoke trolley that’s tailored exactly to you.

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Design a workbench that’s perfect for your requirements, either domestic or commercial.



Ideal for garages, view our trolleys here. We provide easy mobility and maximum stability.

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Find all of our latest tools and bespoke accessories. Choose the best fit for your line of work by speaking to our staff today.

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How the process works

Interested in finding out how we create our products? Take a look at this video, filmed inside our factory in Greater Manchester. If you have any more questions about our design and production process, don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff.

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